Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sometimes Writing Sucks

I enjoy writing my fantasy stories but sense I prefer writing them with pen and paper it sucks when I have to type it all into my computer. However it's not all that bad because it gives me a chance to do a little editing here and there, typically I end up making two to three extra paragraphs per chapter.

I really need to train my computer to type what I say, I really like speech to text but really have not taken the time to set it up on my laptop which goes almost everywhere with me. I have a fairly good but not great headset however it is a little too loud at work to use it anyway and my house is no different, I would have to finish up my shed so I could have a nice laid back place to take to my computer without feeling like a dumb-ass and getting interrupted. 

Riding Over A Couple Days

I'm at work and was supposed to go home in the morning but it seems my relief has gotten a little ill, along with his whole family. So I'm staying at work a few extra days so I can make a little extra money but still would rather be going home... now I have to unpack a couple sets of uniforms so when I take my shower tonight I have a fresh set to change into sense I won't be sporting my going home duds.

All in all its not a bad thing, I can always use a little extra money, and this time of year I can use a lot of extra money because I have Christmas coming up followed by my youngest sons birthday in January about two days after I return from a business trip to Louisville Ky.

Long Breaks From Post to Post

There seems to be periods where I have long breaks between posts, this is because I'm just lazy. Well some of it is because I'm lazy, the rest is because I try to stretch myself to thin working a full time job, working on about 8 blogs, trying to spend time with my wife and kids, playing online game, trying to write a couple books, making attempts to make money online, just to mane a few.

I'm going to try to narrow down the blogs some and focus on this one and my main website which I kind of been slacking on as-well. So please check back over the next week and I'm sure that I can produce something that may peak your interest. Even if its something dark and twisted that tears at the fabric of your soul... well alright so maybe dark and twisted is not my cup of tea but it sounded good.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Turn Windows Update Off/On or Set to Manual

Keeping Windows up to date is without a doubt a good thing but sometimes it can be rather annoying or if your like me and on a metered connection it can be rather expensive. So what to do? Well that my friend is up too you, but here are three things you can do.

Turn it off/on yes off at least until you want to update... simply press the Windows Key or click on the Start Menu if you have one and type update into the search box a list of options will pop-up just select what you want to do they all tend to do the same...

Also you can set it to manual allowing you to manually select the updates you want to install. This is the option I use when I'm traveling as I only have 5 gigs of data, When at home I have 25 gigs of date accept between midnight to five a.m. which is unlimited so that is when I do most of my updates, yep you can set your Windows Update to download at a set time.

This is not for everyone but for people on metered connections this may save you some data. I have this is of some help to someone.

Video coming soon FRAPS is not working for some reason guess I need to restart and as good as ezvid is I don't like that your only option to save your work is to upload it to YouTube,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

What A Fun Night

It's been a rather long feeling night building this 13 barge tow.  With the wind, rain, and sudden temperature drop my deckhands have had nasty cold and damp time wiring this tow up with very little breaks...

I know how they feel, I've been in the same types of weather and worse but you just make the best of it. Can't say I would trade places with them. I don't miss that shit for nothing.

Yet another night and we are at it again, building an eight pack with 5 empties and 3 loads. It's not hard but it is rather slow because I only have two deckhands and no tugs helping us out.

So far it's almost 3am and my crew are almost done wiring two of the loads in, all empties are in place. I have no clue where the last load is at. Maybe if we get lucky one of these tugs will get it in the clear and bring it to us.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Getting 11 Barges

I'm sitting here waiting for my crew to finish up building my 11 barge tow here at CCI Reserve. It's definitely dark and it's raining so I know that the guys are not happy about it, but it is part of the job.

I seems to be taking longer than it would for my regular crew or myself back in the day when I was on deck, but I'm not in a hurry. Once they are done we still have to cross the river and pickup two more barges for a total of 13 to take back the our fleet.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Candy Crush Saga

It seems to me that Candy Crush Saga like most games for the mobile devices are designed specifically to make sure you have to order jellies to clear.ves and such just to clear some of the harder levels.
I've been stuck on the same level for almost a week having used the free cheats they give you I'mnow in the 30s with nothing left to help me out unless I order extra moves and such.
But they can kiss my ass if they think that I am going to pay almost a dollar for them. I would be more inclined to order if it was around $5 for 25 moves... maybe. 

I've gotten past that level and now stuck on level 40. I have attempted it 50 times with no luck I run out of moves with only 1 or 2 jellies to clear. Haha took a few days but I breezed on pasted it, on level 57 now Oct 25 2013.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nasty Weather What Joy

Got to love this rainy weather. .. it is storming and the Internet is out so there is not a whole lot to do right now. It's not that bad, but it would be great if it would just quit for a couple hours, so that I can grill the steaks.

But we needed the rain so I can't complain too much about it and can only be grateful that we got it. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New WoW Multiboxing Team

I started a new Multiboxing Team today 9/16/2013 consisting of all Trolls a Druid, Shaman, Warlock,  Mage, and Hunter. 

I got them to level 8 so far however it took me a little bit of time to get everything setup and working. I had a little trouble with the interact with target to get everyone looting and working with the npcs like they were supposed too. 

Also once I got everything working I was killing things so fast that I got a little cocky and went over to Rachett and ran up the bluff to where the level 14 to 17 mobs are and a couple of rares.
I'd like to say that everything went smoothly, but it was a flop. I downed a few one at a time but when they ganged up on my team it went South really quick. 

My druid being the only one who had a healing spell ran out of mana really fast, we killed the level 14 but the skull got us all mainly because we could not hit it and I did not have click healing on but I will work on that. 

Once everything is working the way it should, I'll start making short videos it will be nothing special but should help some people. 

A better information on multiboxing check out the wide range of videos on YouTube just search for isboxer or pwnboxer to get started. 

Update: 09/17/2013
I got my team to level 10 so far, and I also made a guild called Evil Trolls mainly because they are all Trolls. I still have to setup healing and a key map to spread my team out. 

I made my druid the tank, shaman the healer, and my dps are a deamonlogy Warlock, a frost mage, and a beast master hunter. Mainly because of all the extra pets. 

My plan is to duel spec as soon as possible and go restro on the druid and elemental on the shaman. The way I see it with a tanking pet and void-walker I won't really need a full time tank. Normal instances and some heroics are really easy until you get to around level 85-90.

I've used Keyclone before but now I use Pwnboxer and ISBoxer along with a few addons and macros. Also to help with the gold and questing I use Zygor Guides and Tycoon.

Update: 11/01/13
Sorry for not having anything else to say on the subject of my new team, but there has been no changes to it so far. Been playing my 90s on Exodar and even got the horsemens mount and hollowed title this year. Was hoping that my wife would be able to get it but so far no luck. 

Funny thing is my wife and youngest son both got the mount from Houlon or how ever you spell it. I still need a few mounts to reach 150 sitting at 136 or so.

I've been unable to play for the past few days sense I've been back at work because we've been busy and by the time I get off watch I'm just too sleepy to play. 

However once the Hollowsend event is over I'm going to start playing my troll team again or my two 87 shamans on Exodar either way I plan to make a few videos of different high points now that I have paid for FRAPS and learned how to convert the video to make it smaller.

I still would like to learn more about video editing and how to have my webcam record me playing and giving commentary at the same time. Also time lapse would be a good idea, so I can cut out all the major boring stuff and turn a two hour video into a 10 minute video. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Got A New Laptop About Two Weeks Ago | Problem Is

I got a HP Pavilion and straight out of the box the fn buttons do not work and I can't find anything online to fix the issue. It would not bother me so much if it were not for the fact that I like to dim my screen at night.

It tend to be a little on the bright side, so I search and found a software solution...


Description [From the website]
Dimmer is a little free application designed to help control the brightness of your computer screen, specially to help reduce the brightness beyond what the hardware alone is capable of. This becomes very useful when you are in total darkness and the minimum brightness from your display is still too much. It can dim LCD, TFT and LED screens. Dimmer will not damage your screen, if anything, it will save the backlight and consequently, energy, by emitting less radiation. To note is the fact that most desktop screens are actually capable of reducing the brightness levels quite low, the same is not true on 95% of portable screens. Dimmer was conceived to work on all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Download Dimmer Here 
Link  comes from the authors site...  http://www.nelsonpires.com/ 


After researching online I found a forum where they suggest pressing F10 at boot to go into the BIOS setup. Well I did just that and for the most part my fn keys work now.. go figure why they would be turned off by default.

How-ever the brightness up and down still does nothing, lol go figure! I'm thinking of following this guide to remapping the fn key to get more use out of it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feeling Better About Paying of Debt

So far I've paid off a $5000 loan,  paid my dad back $6000, paid off two other accounts, and got caught up on my utilities. 

At first I was a little sick at having to pay out so much money but once it was paid I felt so much better and I still have two more accounts to settle which I will handle when I get home. 

The bright side of it is that I'm not overdrawn or having to pay interest rates and I can start saving money for more important things like work on the house and braces for my youngest son, and if all goes well maybe another house.

Update: Well just as I thought I had everything paid off two more collection letters come in one for Dish Network for almost $300... funny thing is I have not had Dish Network in almost eight years... the other letter is for a couple hundred also but I have no idea what it's for there is nothing on it telling me whom they are collecting for going to have to call both of them and do some checking may be a scam of someone trying to collect on a debt that has already been taken care of years ago.

It's funny sometimes when these collection letters come in demanding me send them money that I don't really owe. Where they dig this stuff up I have no idea or maybe it's poor record keeping on their end. After looking back through my files for the past ten years I show a zero balance to Dish so WTF is up with the collection.

I feel that these leaches need to be strung up by their eye lids and have acid dripped in them slowly over the course of a couple weeks. I hate people making demands of me for things I don't owe, they need to just curl up somewhere and die.

New Laptop Issues

I got a new laptop a few days ago and it works, has a larger hard drive and more ram than my Dell but several times now it's failed to open reopen programs and games after they crashed or were shut down improperly.

No matter what I do the programs or games just will not start until I restart my computer.  This is not a big deal, but when I get a new computer I expect the damn thing to work with out errors.  Sadly I got two of the same laptops one for me and one for my wife.

We had planned to wipe out our old laptops and do a clean install of Windows, and add programs that are kid friendly so our sons will have a better way to do their school work plus be able to play a game or watch a movie from just about anywhere in the house.

But unless I start having better luck with this thing, I think that I may have to keep my old Dell laptop. But I do like how much lighter this new laptop is than my old one.  Another thing I don't care about is lugging both of them in the same backpack... it adds so much extra weight that I'm going to need to get a new case to carry my stuff in before my strap breaks.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Free Graphics Programs I Like

Here are some free graphics design/editing programs that I happen to use from time to time and like, now I'm not a great artiest but these programs make even my stuff look fairly good. It's a very short list so don't run for the hills just yet.

Plus I know the phobia people seem to have... if someone can make money by someone clicking on a link then people seem to avoid these links like the plague, but have no fear these are not affiliate links so click away. 

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. Today it’s available in versions for Linux, Windows, and Mac. It's a lot like Photoshop without the high price tag, i use it above all other graphic design software.


Paint.net is a Windows-based alternative to the Paint editor that Microsoft shipped with versions of Windows.  But it's a lot better than the standard paint, more features than Paint and it's just as easy to use.
Sadly it's only for Windows, so get over it lol.

Great free graphics editor uses mainly the SVG format but can load and edit others. It's avilable on the following platfloms Windows, Linux, and Mac with some tweaking.  Inscape is a great alternative to Illustrator but with a simplier interface.

Opensource 3D content creation suite great for people who are serious about 3D but struggling to afford the high dallor software. It's the largest open surce tool for 3D creation and that's not just because of it's file size... it has a ton of users.
You can use Blender to do things the costly programs do lie modelling, texturing, animation, rendering and compositing all for free which is great in my book.

Sculptris, a fun and engaging way to start off your digital sculpting journey! If you're new to the world of digital sculpting, Sculptris is the ideal ground on which to get started.

Free DvD Copying Software That Works

I came across a couple free dvd copying programs that are free and here is the kicker they are both easy to use and work for a change. Granted they want to install a toolbar or change your default search engine and homepage but you can uh-check these options or skip them and just install the programs.

The first is IQmango which is very easy to use and really small. How-ever it does not boast a lot of different formats when saving just the movie from the dvd. You see I buy about 3-7 movies each time I come home from work and I don't really like to carry those movies to work with me that would take up way too much room in my bags.

So I make a digital copy and place it on an external hard-drive, it's only a 500 gig drive but a keep about 70-100 movies on it at any given time, I delete the ones I don't really like or just get tired of and add a few new ones to take their place. The usb-drive also holds all of m music, and most of my pictures.

The other free program I've tried is DvD Cloner 2013, not a bad program just a little bit more options to play around with. Also there is Handbrake but it takes a few extra programs to make it work well, like converters and encoders plus had way too many steps for me sense I like everything fairly simple.

DvD Cloner 2013 also has a paid version and an affiliate program which I did not feel like signing up for you'll either like it or hate it. Also another good program is Burn 4 Free it's simple and easy to use, and should do the job well enough for most. How-ever it has more options than I was looking for so I removed it but it worked just fine.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sonic for Drinks and McDonalds for Fries

Sonic has the best bang for your buck when it comes to drinks but sadly I don't really care for their food much. Most of the time I'll head over to McDonalds just for the fries, Hardies for the burgers, and Sonic for my drink.

Yeah it seems like a lot of extra time but where I live they're all really close to each other. Money wise it's may even cost a little bit less and you definitely get more drink for your money at Sonic but their fries suck.

There really needs to be one place that has it all, good burgers, fries, and big drinks

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Making Use of Time At the Doctors Office

Making use of the time I have here at the doctors office while my wife gets her hearing checked is really simple.  I figured that I would get in a blog post or two and maybe play an old Nintendo game, take some embarrassing photos,  and post a few auctions with the mobile armory app.

Everything went well she got some medicine for an inner-ear infection which we hope works the way it should.  Her ears have been hurting for about six months and each doctor she went to see gave her antibiotics that never helped. 

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two Good Movies In A Row

My wife and I went to watch a couple movies which is something we don't do much anymore due to how much things cost now. That in its self is a shock but the bigger shock was that both movies were good for a change!

We watched the Conjuring first then watched Grown-ups 2 both were good movies but Grown-ups 2 was funny as hell. My wife laughed her ass off and I get quite a few chuckles too, if it did not cost so much we may have watched a couple more.

How-ever if I would have to pick I'd have to say wait until the Conjuring comes to DVD and spend the money on another movie, maybe something like We're the Millers, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, or You're Next unless your in it for the kids then Planes is about your only choice right now.

Have fun and enjoy the movies.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

My New Phone | Samsung Galaxy Mega

I got a new cell phone a few days ago, was the first person to get one of the two units they had in Saraland Alabama. It larger than my Dell Streak and cost less then the other phones that I was planning to get... I was wanting to get the Note II or III but once I saw the Mega I figured that it was the phone for me with it's 6.3" screen great for working on websites and blogging on the go, also being able to play my Nes and SNes games on a larger screen is great, movies also look great too.

The camera does alright but not as good as the iPhone or some of the other Samsung phones, and some of the motion features don't work as well so far, maybe with an update or two it'll be even better, but for now I'm happy with everything that it does.

This is the stock image my location is different. It is a cool device I've yet to talk much using it but right away the battery life appears to be better than my Dell and iPhone. Taking screen shots are simple just hold the menu button and power button down a couple seconds or when enabled you can touch the screen with the edge of you palm and swipe which also takes a screen shot.

The phone is lite and very easy to use even with one had and the price after the upgrade and insurance was a little over a hundred but less than $120. I don't remember the total with tax and all but it was really low compared to some of the other phones.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Guru, Yeah Right

I am so sick of every single time I open my Yahoo or Google emails that I seldom even check my email anymore. They are always full with mail from these assholes claiming to know this guru that can help me make money online!

This is such a waste of my time having to click on them and delete them because some how they keep getting past all the Spam filters and end up in my inbox. I hate these emails almost as much as I hate the penis enlargement ones... what a joke.

Come on people get a life are people really so lame that they order this shit. Give me a fucking break, I'm sick of pulling my punches and what I'm going to start doing is returning all of them, sure most will come back to me because they use mailing houses and disposable emails so it's harder to trace, opt out of, and so on.

I could just dust off one of the email flooder that I have somewhere on one of my computers or maybe Dropbox, G Drive, or One Drive and put together a batch email containing every single off I have gotten for a month and and my own affiliate links to them, then send them to all the senders times a million. 

And what the hell is with the week wait to take you off of a mailing list any way... it seems to be so they can send you more shit that your not interested in or sell your email address to some other jackass that sends to even more of the same crap.

If they want to impress me stop sending me so many emails, or send me a $50-100 deposit to my PayPal account and a follow-up email saying, "I made so much money with this program that I sent you a small gift to your PayPal, Please join me and together we will both profit!" followed by a link. email, or phone number.

That would really impress me, may not make me join but would make me consider it. As far as you penis enlargement peddlers I have no idea what you can do other than just give up or offer free samples of the product, maybe that will help..

Also make your damn emails a little more fun to read and not so much like the advertisement that it really is. Until such time your more than welcome to kiss my ass and stop fucking emailing me! Have a great day jackasses!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Slighty Annoying Issue With Windows 8

I was having some issues with space on my laptop and some programs not working as they should seems every instant messaging program I tried to use crashed. So I did the last resort option which is really a good thing usually. A complete system wipe after backing up my whole system onto a portable hard-drive. Well I thought every thing was going fine, backup was good, I had copies off my restore disks, a copy of Windows 7&8, and easy access to most everything I figured I would need in the event I would have to restore my system when away from home. I made sure I had my Windows Keys, and even a copy of Unbuntu just in case... Very glad I did and here's why! One off my system restore disks was cracked, so I attempted to do a fresh Windows 7 install but after the format it kept crashing early in the install process. So after getting a little annoyed that two off my options were a flop I tried the Windows 8 disk, the install went smoothly without a hitch until I tried to activate it. It told me that my key was an upgrade key and I had to have another version off Windows installed. So needless to say I was more than a little pissed and was not thinking clearly, I wiped everything again and installed Unbuntu which I was going to do anyway but after Windows. Anyway after messing around I noticed an issue without Wine when running World of Warcraft. It ran ok but the graphics sucked, and then it updated and I could not get it working again, so downloaded a fresh Windows 7 iso from Microsoft and a copy off Nuke and Boot. Now I'm crossing my fingers and toes hoping that everything works out when I attempt to do another install this afternoon after I get off watch, I will update within a couple hours with the results, unless I run into problems then it'll have to wait until I get home tomarrow night.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Free Journal Creation

So you have all these ideas, notes, expenses, bills, or whatever and you just want to keep track of,  remember, or share you life then a journal is not a bad idea at all. There are quite a few ways to keep a journal and it a matter of personal tastes and need.

You can use a pen and paper if you like to write everything by hand or you can download or write your own software. There are also some online journals however I personally just download something someone else has written... there are lots of journal software both free and paid, I just happen to like free better.

Here are my picks for free software journals...

  1. RedNotebook | How can I describe it in a way that most people will understand... Awesome, just about sums it up! For screen shots, video, and downloads hop on over to their site http://rednotebook.sourceforge.net/
  2. iDialyDiary | Another good program go here to find out more. http://www.splinterware.com/products/idailydiary.htm
I have a few others but out of time right now, plus want to give them another try before I add them to the list... should be done by the 13th.

Well I'm not going to waste my time on this most of the ones that claim to be free only have 14-30 days of free usage before they want you to buy it, and a few of the others want you to pay to unlock more features.