Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Exiler of Ancient Knowledge

So now for the second time in the last two weeks I have gotten an Elixir of ancient knowledge and for the second time half of it got wasted.

Between getting disconnected twice, having over a dazen freeze-ups, and having to fix the swimming pool which took maybe seven or eight minutes royally wasted my time cutting it down from an hour down to about thirty minutes.

Still it was not too bad I did go from 61 to 67 in the time I had. Given the full hour I fill that I could have hit seventy-five or eighty.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mobile Blogging

I don't know about you but I do must of my blogging on the go using my phone or tablet. It's really easy and surprisingly fast especially when you have your keyboard setup where you can drag your finger from letter to letter.

I really like the fact that if I see something interesting I can snap a picture of it and write a quick post about it using a Blogger, WordPress, or whatever your favorite blogging app is.

Now you can even share your post on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or just about any social network for that matter with ease right from your mobile device.

There are a few things that I don't like about mobile blogging on some devices like my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 4 when using the Blogger app and trying to insert a link, I get the problem that's in the picture below.

Now after making over a dozen posts from my phone I finely noticed the link tool moves after you select text, before I was reediting my posts online because of my thumb placement when typing I did not notice the link icon moved to the top of the keyboard or bottom of the screen if no keyboard is up.

Its very annoying but workable now that I am aware of it and the feeling of dumbass is passing. Well damn now after testing it with this post it does not work.

It worked in another post I just did, I guess my phone is really enjoying messing with me, smart phone, more like smart-ass phone.

Anyway mobile blogging is great, especially for quick posts that don't require very many pictures or affiliate links. I have found that it is easy to edit them in on my laptop or desktop or if I have the time I will add all my links and such to a notepad app then copy and paste them all into the blogging app that I happen to be using.

Well that is all I have for now until I get around to editing this post on my laptop or desktop it's just going to have to work.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Enjoying Galaxy Note 3

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Mega for a couple of years now, I really enjoyed its size and the way it handled everything I needed it to do and then some. However it got cracked and started to turn black around the edges of the screen and had some large black spots across the top of the screen. So I had to get it replaced but they replaced it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which may not be the latest or greatest or as large as my other phone but I really like it, it's smoother than the Mega and it's not all that much smaller.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sitting At Home Again

This past June my mother passed away from a form of liver cancer and I spent forty-two days at home three weeks of which I was trying to return to work and on July 25th I went back to work for almost there weeks.

I had to return home on the August 14th because one of my uncles died after being in the hospital for almost three months.

I've spent a few days now this week trying to go back to work to finish out my hitch. Hopefully they will bring me back this week and if I'm lucky I will have the required days I need to upgrade my pilots license.