Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Laptop Issues

I got a new laptop a few days ago and it works, has a larger hard drive and more ram than my Dell but several times now it's failed to open reopen programs and games after they crashed or were shut down improperly.

No matter what I do the programs or games just will not start until I restart my computer.  This is not a big deal, but when I get a new computer I expect the damn thing to work with out errors.  Sadly I got two of the same laptops one for me and one for my wife.

We had planned to wipe out our old laptops and do a clean install of Windows, and add programs that are kid friendly so our sons will have a better way to do their school work plus be able to play a game or watch a movie from just about anywhere in the house.

But unless I start having better luck with this thing, I think that I may have to keep my old Dell laptop. But I do like how much lighter this new laptop is than my old one.  Another thing I don't care about is lugging both of them in the same backpack... it adds so much extra weight that I'm going to need to get a new case to carry my stuff in before my strap breaks.

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