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About Me

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Hello my name is Robert Atchison Jr. I live in lower Alabama where I am happily married to my wife Andrea and we have two sons that like to think they are grown. I spent the last twenty years of my life working for American Commercial Barge Lines until February 2nd 2016 when I resigned due to a difference in opinion. Seems I need a little time off to take care of myself so I can get some work done on myself, some skin cancer taken care of and a few hernias fixed, etc.

During the meantime I am trying my head at online and off-line businesses like eBay and Amazon, which I've had some luck with but I'm just starting out, I will be working on a new website soon and this blog, I will also be dabbling in affiliate marketing. I am also willing to do odd jobs here and there if they pay enough to be worth the trip. I am taking some money from my 401k and the rest is going into an investment account but unless I start having enough success over the next few months I plan on going to work for another barge line for another twenty years.

After all two retirements are better than one and if I'm lucky maybe the payments will be staggered, which would be nice for a change. I am still in the process of getting some needed paper work done so I can get some business done and maybe even setup some sources of income that require only a few hours a week to run.

Below is a few games I like to play from time to time and mainly World of Warcraft and Diablo III but I like other games too and plan on making a few videos about these games and even some retro games for the Nes and Super Nintendo maybe even some old Game Cube and Sega Genesis games.

I'm even working on some YouTube videos some about games and other things like eBay, Amazon, WordPress and more, maybe even my office setup once its done. I still have to buy a barcode printer to go with my scanner and postal scale so I can run my Amazon and eBay sales like a business and even sell when I travel because I do have the PayPal Pay Here card reader and Square reader so that I can do business on the go.

Well that's enough rambling because I don't really have much else to say right now, been a little down in the dumps lately but nothing too bad, may even start working out again. I've been thinking that I can do some painting, some yard work, some repairs on the house, and other stuff to keep busy while I learn more about selling online and such waiting on stuff to see on eBay and Amazon kind of sucks.

I really don't expect anyone to ever read this page but if you do and if any of my posts help you out in anyway then please leave a commit. I also have a Go Fund Me campaign that I plan on taking down as it's not making me any money and even though I only make a few hundred a week right now I rather lose everything then to accept help. If I can't earn it I don't need it, unless I get lucky and win it, or by some off chance someone with more money than they know what to do with wants to spot me a few million lol, but a few affiliate sales a day would be nice in the meantime.

Soon I will lose my house, the power and water will be cut off and I will have bill collectors crawling up every orifice I have plus I will have to find my wife and sons a place to stay on top of it. I will be alright on my own as I can live off the land fairly well and as long as I have a way to travel and a few hundred a week for food and such everything will be alright. Now ten thousand a month would be awesome.

To be honest I've almost given up on everything, I have a few eBay sales but not enough to live on, Amazon has only cost me money and hasn't made me a dine, not even a cent. I know a lot of people has success selling books on Amazon but I listed almost thirty books but have not sold the first one in three months. I just would like to earn what I was making at my job or more per month which was over $9000 before taxes and everything was held out.

I really could care less about making millions online, but over $100,000 a year would be great. Having the money to pay off my house and keep it, maybe get a new used truck, and pay off all the over due bills would be awesome.

I am doing some productive things that I hope will produce some income, I have a t-shirt press and can do transfers for $15 per shirt, I can also put images on plates, coffee cups, or mugs. My am taking some pictures and will be listing them online for people to use for a fee if they like. I'm also working on some articles for others to use, and even attempting to write a couple of fantasy books, maybe even a collection of short stories.

Maybe if I'm lucky I can turn my life around as I have applied for a few jobs with different barge lines even if I only do trip work that would be something, plus I can sell a car and a truck that could be a big help, or I may just start using the car.

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