Thursday, July 28, 2016

My New Blog

I created a new blog it's called Blogging to the World, its not like my Blogger blogs, it contains a bit more information.

I only have a few posts right now but plan on adding around two every day or two until I have around fifty or sixty posts before I start listing the site and trying to make some money with it.


One month has gone by and I've only been able to get 23 posts done. I was shooting for 50 a month but I still think I can get 35 or 40 done before the end of the month.

As soon as I hit the 50 post mark and have about 20 different affiliate programs to offer along with Adsense and such I am going to list my site with the search engines, advertise it on social networks and put an ad on a couple classified ad sites. 

That should get me some traffic and maybe some money too. Which is something I could use a little more of because I still haven't found a new job yet and I may be going to school to earn a degree or two, heck of a time to do this now that I'm 40.