Sunday, August 25, 2013

Guru, Yeah Right

I am so sick of every single time I open my Yahoo or Google emails that I seldom even check my email anymore. They are always full with mail from these assholes claiming to know this guru that can help me make money online!

This is such a waste of my time having to click on them and delete them because some how they keep getting past all the Spam filters and end up in my inbox. I hate these emails almost as much as I hate the penis enlargement ones... what a joke.

Come on people get a life are people really so lame that they order this shit. Give me a fucking break, I'm sick of pulling my punches and what I'm going to start doing is returning all of them, sure most will come back to me because they use mailing houses and disposable emails so it's harder to trace, opt out of, and so on.

I could just dust off one of the email flooder that I have somewhere on one of my computers or maybe Dropbox, G Drive, or One Drive and put together a batch email containing every single off I have gotten for a month and and my own affiliate links to them, then send them to all the senders times a million. 

And what the hell is with the week wait to take you off of a mailing list any way... it seems to be so they can send you more shit that your not interested in or sell your email address to some other jackass that sends to even more of the same crap.

If they want to impress me stop sending me so many emails, or send me a $50-100 deposit to my PayPal account and a follow-up email saying, "I made so much money with this program that I sent you a small gift to your PayPal, Please join me and together we will both profit!" followed by a link. email, or phone number.

That would really impress me, may not make me join but would make me consider it. As far as you penis enlargement peddlers I have no idea what you can do other than just give up or offer free samples of the product, maybe that will help..

Also make your damn emails a little more fun to read and not so much like the advertisement that it really is. Until such time your more than welcome to kiss my ass and stop fucking emailing me! Have a great day jackasses!

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