Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sometimes Writing Sucks

I enjoy writing my fantasy stories but sense I prefer writing them with pen and paper it sucks when I have to type it all into my computer. However it's not all that bad because it gives me a chance to do a little editing here and there, typically I end up making two to three extra paragraphs per chapter.

I really need to train my computer to type what I say, I really like speech to text but really have not taken the time to set it up on my laptop which goes almost everywhere with me. I have a fairly good but not great headset however it is a little too loud at work to use it anyway and my house is no different, I would have to finish up my shed so I could have a nice laid back place to take to my computer without feeling like a dumb-ass and getting interrupted. 

Riding Over A Couple Days

I'm at work and was supposed to go home in the morning but it seems my relief has gotten a little ill, along with his whole family. So I'm staying at work a few extra days so I can make a little extra money but still would rather be going home... now I have to unpack a couple sets of uniforms so when I take my shower tonight I have a fresh set to change into sense I won't be sporting my going home duds.

All in all its not a bad thing, I can always use a little extra money, and this time of year I can use a lot of extra money because I have Christmas coming up followed by my youngest sons birthday in January about two days after I return from a business trip to Louisville Ky.

Long Breaks From Post to Post

There seems to be periods where I have long breaks between posts, this is because I'm just lazy. Well some of it is because I'm lazy, the rest is because I try to stretch myself to thin working a full time job, working on about 8 blogs, trying to spend time with my wife and kids, playing online game, trying to write a couple books, making attempts to make money online, just to mane a few.

I'm going to try to narrow down the blogs some and focus on this one and my main website which I kind of been slacking on as-well. So please check back over the next week and I'm sure that I can produce something that may peak your interest. Even if its something dark and twisted that tears at the fabric of your soul... well alright so maybe dark and twisted is not my cup of tea but it sounded good.