Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Candy Crush Saga

It seems to me that Candy Crush Saga like most games for the mobile devices are designed specifically to make sure you have to order jellies to clear.ves and such just to clear some of the harder levels.
I've been stuck on the same level for almost a week having used the free cheats they give you I'mnow in the 30s with nothing left to help me out unless I order extra moves and such.
But they can kiss my ass if they think that I am going to pay almost a dollar for them. I would be more inclined to order if it was around $5 for 25 moves... maybe. 

I've gotten past that level and now stuck on level 40. I have attempted it 50 times with no luck I run out of moves with only 1 or 2 jellies to clear. Haha took a few days but I breezed on pasted it, on level 57 now Oct 25 2013.

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