Friday, November 18, 2016

Bad and Good News Not Sure How I Should Take It

 I've been working on my blog for months now in the hopes that I would make a few hundred dollars a week once I got to the $100 a month mark... but it has not even made one cent that's fine and all because I enjoy creating content but I really need the money because I have been unemployed most of this year 2o16 starting back in February and here it is November.

I really don't know what to do I try to sell stuff on eBay, Letgo, and Craigslist but fail and it just ends up costing me, I gave Amazon a shot but now I owe them money and I don't even have any products listed. Making money online used to be easy when I was working and didn't really care if I made anything or not.

For whatever reason I try to get traffic to my site but just don't get anything but spammers. I need $14.95 per month for hosting but can't pay that any more. I don't have any more unemployment left this year and have not found a new job yet, either I'm over qualified or I'm not posted in enough areas.

I really don't like depending on others and hate asking for help so I stuck a donations button on my website but I have not gotten a single cent... I made a Go Fund Me campaign and got not a single cent... but people can donate twenty or thirty thousand dollars to some one who wants to study toast or makes art from toast or cheese.

I love our country but I am disappointed that I can't make hardly any money online and everyone seems to look at me like I'm some low-life bum... I worked for the same company for 20 years and now I may be going to work for another company which it would be great to get back on the boats again and make over $100,000.00 a year lord knows I need it.

I've been working on a couple of books but because I am out of money with no unemployment coming in or any money coming from online sources, plus my 401k is totally gone now and I'm $140k in debt, oh what joy I can tell you. I just wish I could catch a break, I don't mind working for a living but I really wish some kind soul by the grace of God would send me about $500,000 s0 that I could have a fresh start debit free, and enough to get my tee-shirt, apparel, and gift business up and running.

I want to run my own business but need some more equipment to get things going and a cargo van to run it out of. I could then travel to different trade shows and events and sell shirts, hats, coffee cups, mugs, balls, buttons, picture frames, and more. I have a heat-press but could use a bigger and better one. I don't want to lose my website but I guess I'm going to have to let it go. I just hope I can still log in and save all of my articles.

On the bright side not paying for the website would save me $14.95 a month the same as not playing World of Warcraft any more saves me, not that its doing any good I still don't have any money... like today yesterday I made over $200 by selling my truck for scrap, selling 30 comics, and making and $18 sale on eBay.

If I could do one last thing before I die I would love to be able to pay my dad back ten fold, but I can't even pay him back a dime, I clean up some around the house and everything is falling apart he doesn't have the money left to fix the house back up I lost my house, well I still have it just don't live in it wanted the mortgage company to foreclose on it but they have not so far just added more and more money back to what I had already paid so it will be back up to what I started at and then some, and the funny thing is I've told them to foreclose on it.

Anyway enough of this crap, my life utterly sucks but I'm not to the point where I want to give up, I have to keep trying, life has beat me down and sucked most of my will to live out of me but I keep dusting myself off and trying again... what's funny is that out of all the ways I know to make money online and get traffic that none of them work for me, no matter what I can't even get traffic to my Facebook fan page which I won't even waste my time on here because no one will even read this ever. Other than bots and spiders.

Have a good life and enjoy it while you can because you never know when you just may end up with nothing no matter how well you thought you had prepared. I've even tried Teespring tee-shirts with no luck with ten tries now.