Monday, November 11, 2013

Turn Windows Update Off/On or Set to Manual

Keeping Windows up to date is without a doubt a good thing but sometimes it can be rather annoying or if your like me and on a metered connection it can be rather expensive. So what to do? Well that my friend is up too you, but here are three things you can do.

Turn it off/on yes off at least until you want to update... simply press the Windows Key or click on the Start Menu if you have one and type update into the search box a list of options will pop-up just select what you want to do they all tend to do the same...

Also you can set it to manual allowing you to manually select the updates you want to install. This is the option I use when I'm traveling as I only have 5 gigs of data, When at home I have 25 gigs of date accept between midnight to five a.m. which is unlimited so that is when I do most of my updates, yep you can set your Windows Update to download at a set time.

This is not for everyone but for people on metered connections this may save you some data. I have this is of some help to someone.

Video coming soon FRAPS is not working for some reason guess I need to restart and as good as ezvid is I don't like that your only option to save your work is to upload it to YouTube,

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