Friday, November 23, 2012

Windows 8 Woah's

I made the move to Windows 8 and it's a very fast loading OS this is true but I'm having some issues with it nothing major and most-likely it'll be fixed soon, for starters I plug in my headset and nothing, nada it detects the mic but does not play sound through the headphones.

Issue two, I really don't like having to leave the desktop to go to a whole new screen to pick a different program/app to use it's a royal pain... this is not saving me time it's costing me time so I work around it by keeping a few programs running.

Issue number three, Firefox tabs appear to reopen even after I close the tabs and exit the browser this is very annoying because two tabs are Youtube and the videos start playing on their own. This uses up my data on my MyFi device. Plus the fact that I lost all my saved passwords and bookmarks really sucks which is funny I reinstalled Firefox in a new directory which did not fix the issue even running it from where Windows moved my old Windows files does not pull it up.