Sunday, December 28, 2014

Storage Shelves

I plan on building some storage shelves for my shed Monday. I will have to go to the hardware store and buy 10 2x4s for the frame.
I have a few already and the plywood, plus all the screws that I need. Of course I will have to clear the area that I will be using.
I will post some pictures of my shabby work when I finish it.
Done with the first set of shelves but can't take a picture yet still loading them down with crap. I did get lucky because I did not have much of a plan and a couple of the new 2x4s were bowed a bit.
I was going for a 24" spread so that I could get two shelves out of a sheet of plywood. But letting my son help me by holding everything up while I screwed the braces in place, I turn my back and he had let it slide 3 inches.
Yeah 27" shelves by 8' long. Which I could have fixed before I built the rest of the frame. But like a dummy I did not double check to see if my son let the frame move.
However it worked out fairly well, I only had 1 and a half sheets of plywood. Which worked out in the end just barely but hey I'll know better next time. 
To start with I will go to a lumber yard where I can pick my own boards. I'll also make a mark on the floor and wall there I want everything so nothing gets out of place.

I forget to get pictures before returning to work, oh well I guess I will snap a couple when I get back home.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Made It Home Again

I finely made it home after being gone for six weeks. I got off the boat Thursday October the 9th over in Freeport Texas.

All in all it was a nice trip just kind of windy at times. I went from one boat for three weeks to another for a week and then another for two weeks.

The only thing that is a pain in the butt is that I did not have but about $50 cash which went quite fast because I got a burger, fries and a drink at the airport in Houston so that was $20 gone, then another drink and a pack of gum so another $5 gone leaving me with $25 cash.

This really did not matter because I checked my credit card and debit card the day before I got off the boat and I had $220 on one and $235 on the other or so I thought.

Well it appears that there were some changes that I did not make show up on my credit card so that money was going, found that out when I went to get gas for my truck.

But I still had my debit card with $235 on it so I topped off my truck with $50 in gas and hit the road. I stopped at another gas station after being stuck in traffic for close to two hours.

I got me another drink, a powerball ticket and a mega millions ticket which I paid cash for so that was another $5 gone. I get to Mississippi and my wife wanted me to drop by Walmart and pick up a movie and a couple of household items OK no biggie.

Well I get to Walmart in Saraland Alabama and I get the items and her movie, I also get Godzilla for me. I get to the check out and everything turned out to be $63 and some change.

Knowing that I still had over $100 on my debit card I swipe it, denied. WTF!!! I do it 3 more times so I remove my Godzilla movie and used my $20 cash which knocked it down to $26 and some change.

So I swipe my card again and I am denied again then I got an email alert so I called the number and as I was going thru the automatized bullshit I get three text alerts and a call started to come in just as I finish the call I was on.

It was the same thing an automated faurd system. At this point I was more than a little pissed off and embarrassed because I was holding up the line and I hardly ever need to put anything back.

Anyway it turns out that I did have the money and after a few minutes I paid for the items minus my movie and left. Today I have to check to see that I did not get over charged and to see what happened to my credit card.

Because if it has been hacked or something then I need to stop the $400 payment and attempt to recover my money and get a new card.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

AT&T Connection Issues In Bay City Texas

Southwestern Bell payphone with new AT&T signage
Southwestern Bell payphone with new AT&T signage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I've been in the Bay City Texas area for about a week now and my mobile hotspots have been driving me crazy they for fine some of the time and at other I get disconnected every five minutes, its enough to make me go more then a little crazy. I use the mobile hotspot on my Galaxy Note 3 with AT&T which is 4g the service says I have 4 bars most of them time but when I go to do something it drops to 1 bar.
Verizon High Speed Internet
Verizon High Speed Internet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Verizon is not any better I only have 3g coverage here so I'm paying all this money and not getting anything out of it. I really need to find some internet that just works everywhere I travel, at least the main areas I go. It would make life a lot simpler.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Making a few days

I'm planning on riding a few weeks trying to get closer to the 90 days that I need to upgrade my license to master of towing inland which will go great with my master of towing western rivers.

Also building up some extra days and money never hurts. I've been off quite a lot over the last few months for my mother before she passed away, then the company left me off about two weeks after I requested to return. Then my uncle passed away after I returned to work for only two weeks.

So yeah I have to get I'm a mind set to ride over so I can achieve the goals that I have set for myself.u

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Little Rainbow

We were sitting pushed into the mudbank here across from Devil's Elbow when I look out of the window and this is what I saw...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Exiler of Ancient Knowledge

So now for the second time in the last two weeks I have gotten an Elixir of ancient knowledge and for the second time half of it got wasted.

Between getting disconnected twice, having over a dazen freeze-ups, and having to fix the swimming pool which took maybe seven or eight minutes royally wasted my time cutting it down from an hour down to about thirty minutes.

Still it was not too bad I did go from 61 to 67 in the time I had. Given the full hour I fill that I could have hit seventy-five or eighty.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mobile Blogging

I don't know about you but I do must of my blogging on the go using my phone or tablet. It's really easy and surprisingly fast especially when you have your keyboard setup where you can drag your finger from letter to letter.

I really like the fact that if I see something interesting I can snap a picture of it and write a quick post about it using a Blogger, WordPress, or whatever your favorite blogging app is.

Now you can even share your post on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or just about any social network for that matter with ease right from your mobile device.

There are a few things that I don't like about mobile blogging on some devices like my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 4 when using the Blogger app and trying to insert a link, I get the problem that's in the picture below.

Now after making over a dozen posts from my phone I finely noticed the link tool moves after you select text, before I was reediting my posts online because of my thumb placement when typing I did not notice the link icon moved to the top of the keyboard or bottom of the screen if no keyboard is up.

Its very annoying but workable now that I am aware of it and the feeling of dumbass is passing. Well damn now after testing it with this post it does not work.

It worked in another post I just did, I guess my phone is really enjoying messing with me, smart phone, more like smart-ass phone.

Anyway mobile blogging is great, especially for quick posts that don't require very many pictures or affiliate links. I have found that it is easy to edit them in on my laptop or desktop or if I have the time I will add all my links and such to a notepad app then copy and paste them all into the blogging app that I happen to be using.

Well that is all I have for now until I get around to editing this post on my laptop or desktop it's just going to have to work.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Enjoying Galaxy Note 3

I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Mega for a couple of years now, I really enjoyed its size and the way it handled everything I needed it to do and then some. However it got cracked and started to turn black around the edges of the screen and had some large black spots across the top of the screen. So I had to get it replaced but they replaced it with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which may not be the latest or greatest or as large as my other phone but I really like it, it's smoother than the Mega and it's not all that much smaller.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sitting At Home Again

This past June my mother passed away from a form of liver cancer and I spent forty-two days at home three weeks of which I was trying to return to work and on July 25th I went back to work for almost there weeks.

I had to return home on the August 14th because one of my uncles died after being in the hospital for almost three months.

I've spent a few days now this week trying to go back to work to finish out my hitch. Hopefully they will bring me back this week and if I'm lucky I will have the required days I need to upgrade my pilots license.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

General Update

You would think that with forty-two days at home that I would have gotten more done on my websites, blogs, on the house, or in the shop.

Now that I'm back at work for thirty to forty days I feel that I should have done more than I did but with my mother did pass away on June 25th which accounted for some of my lack of motivation.

But now I think that I can get off my lazy ass and get somethings done provided I have the money to get the jobs done. However some of the things only cost me a little time.

Like this blog and a couple of books that I started to write a while back, I think that after reading over them that I can make some decent changes to them.

With a little luck I should be done with one before I go home then I may try something different, I would like to attempt to write a collaborative effort online a story that can evolve depending on how much each person adds to the mix, people would be allowed to change of correct other people's work but the original parts would be saved and used as alternative plots if it's a good sized change.

Sounds like a headache waiting to happen, but sounds fun and exciting at the same time provide the people act like adults and not children which is asking a lot of some people but it would be great.

Such a work with many authors would not make anyone wealthy mainly because I would have to pay each authors a fee for their work if sales are good. However if the story is great then it could become a movie and that means more money for everyone involved in the project.

But as far titles go for such a project I have no idea what to call it... well that's not quite true I do have a few ideas for names but am open for suggestions and the idea is to write a fantasy novel of several of them depending on how long it turns out.

However it could be an action book, horror,  si-fi, or a combination of them all. Now that would be a very odd mixture a si-fi - action - horror - fantasy.

Any ideas please share in the comments...


I only rode two weeks, we had another death in the family. That makes three this year my uncle James, my mother, and my uncle Fred. Sometimes life just sucks but you still have to keep your chin up and move on because there is so much to live for especially if you are married, have children, pets, or some good friends.

Friday, July 4, 2014


I know Hootsuite is nothing new it's been around for a few years now but I just started using it again and after playing around with the free trial I am now paying for it. Why? Well because I happen to like being able to work on my blogs and social networks from one place. How ever there are just a couple of things that would make it better for me and they are as follows...

1. I know about the mobile apps and the browser plugins but a stand alone program from windows, mac, and Linux, would be great. One that can allow you to draft posts off-line and post them later would be outstanding.

2. Easy setup for more social networks so you can get what you have to say out to more people would be nice.

I currently am a member of 20+ social networks, but I am only active in two Twitter and Facebook, if there was some way to connect them all I would be very happy about it and a lot more active. Anyway check it out for yourself and get started with a 30-day free trial of Hootsuite,,, Just go to and no it's not an affiliate link yet.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Thinning Out Blogs

Sometimes working on one blog can be a real headache and 20+ is a royal pain in the rear. So in an effort to reduce my work load and increase the quality of my work I'm cutting the number of sites that I work on down to just three.

The three that I'm keeping are this one, my guild blog, and my main website.

Having problems with my main website due to an oversight on my part. But I have a new website <a href="">Love MMORPG's</a>.

Friday, January 24, 2014

When A Server Crashes It Sucks

No matter what kind of server your on be it a web server, media server, or game server when they crash it royally sucks... sometimes its nothing more than needing a simple restart and other times it can be rather costly when you have to replace the server hardware.

I had a web server crash about a week ago and it was nothing wrong with it, it was not under a heavy load, or really even being used so I just shut it down and restarted it and its been working fine... but that does not bother me as much as the World of Warcraft servers crashing with out warning! A company the size of Blizzard should never go off line when the money they make even on maintenance days there should be backup servers in place to avoid any shut down and only a rolling restart when the main servers are done and patch the backups.