Sunday, December 28, 2014

Storage Shelves

I plan on building some storage shelves for my shed Monday. I will have to go to the hardware store and buy 10 2x4s for the frame.
I have a few already and the plywood, plus all the screws that I need. Of course I will have to clear the area that I will be using.
I will post some pictures of my shabby work when I finish it.
Done with the first set of shelves but can't take a picture yet still loading them down with crap. I did get lucky because I did not have much of a plan and a couple of the new 2x4s were bowed a bit.
I was going for a 24" spread so that I could get two shelves out of a sheet of plywood. But letting my son help me by holding everything up while I screwed the braces in place, I turn my back and he had let it slide 3 inches.
Yeah 27" shelves by 8' long. Which I could have fixed before I built the rest of the frame. But like a dummy I did not double check to see if my son let the frame move.
However it worked out fairly well, I only had 1 and a half sheets of plywood. Which worked out in the end just barely but hey I'll know better next time. 
To start with I will go to a lumber yard where I can pick my own boards. I'll also make a mark on the floor and wall there I want everything so nothing gets out of place.

I forget to get pictures before returning to work, oh well I guess I will snap a couple when I get back home.