Thursday, August 29, 2013

My New Phone | Samsung Galaxy Mega

I got a new cell phone a few days ago, was the first person to get one of the two units they had in Saraland Alabama. It larger than my Dell Streak and cost less then the other phones that I was planning to get... I was wanting to get the Note II or III but once I saw the Mega I figured that it was the phone for me with it's 6.3" screen great for working on websites and blogging on the go, also being able to play my Nes and SNes games on a larger screen is great, movies also look great too.

The camera does alright but not as good as the iPhone or some of the other Samsung phones, and some of the motion features don't work as well so far, maybe with an update or two it'll be even better, but for now I'm happy with everything that it does.

This is the stock image my location is different. It is a cool device I've yet to talk much using it but right away the battery life appears to be better than my Dell and iPhone. Taking screen shots are simple just hold the menu button and power button down a couple seconds or when enabled you can touch the screen with the edge of you palm and swipe which also takes a screen shot.

The phone is lite and very easy to use even with one had and the price after the upgrade and insurance was a little over a hundred but less than $120. I don't remember the total with tax and all but it was really low compared to some of the other phones.

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