Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Free DvD Copying Software That Works

I came across a couple free dvd copying programs that are free and here is the kicker they are both easy to use and work for a change. Granted they want to install a toolbar or change your default search engine and homepage but you can uh-check these options or skip them and just install the programs.

The first is IQmango which is very easy to use and really small. How-ever it does not boast a lot of different formats when saving just the movie from the dvd. You see I buy about 3-7 movies each time I come home from work and I don't really like to carry those movies to work with me that would take up way too much room in my bags.

So I make a digital copy and place it on an external hard-drive, it's only a 500 gig drive but a keep about 70-100 movies on it at any given time, I delete the ones I don't really like or just get tired of and add a few new ones to take their place. The usb-drive also holds all of m music, and most of my pictures.

The other free program I've tried is DvD Cloner 2013, not a bad program just a little bit more options to play around with. Also there is Handbrake but it takes a few extra programs to make it work well, like converters and encoders plus had way too many steps for me sense I like everything fairly simple.

DvD Cloner 2013 also has a paid version and an affiliate program which I did not feel like signing up for you'll either like it or hate it. Also another good program is Burn 4 Free it's simple and easy to use, and should do the job well enough for most. How-ever it has more options than I was looking for so I removed it but it worked just fine.

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