Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New WoW Multiboxing Team

I started a new Multiboxing Team today 9/16/2013 consisting of all Trolls a Druid, Shaman, Warlock,  Mage, and Hunter. 

I got them to level 8 so far however it took me a little bit of time to get everything setup and working. I had a little trouble with the interact with target to get everyone looting and working with the npcs like they were supposed too. 

Also once I got everything working I was killing things so fast that I got a little cocky and went over to Rachett and ran up the bluff to where the level 14 to 17 mobs are and a couple of rares.
I'd like to say that everything went smoothly, but it was a flop. I downed a few one at a time but when they ganged up on my team it went South really quick. 

My druid being the only one who had a healing spell ran out of mana really fast, we killed the level 14 but the skull got us all mainly because we could not hit it and I did not have click healing on but I will work on that. 

Once everything is working the way it should, I'll start making short videos it will be nothing special but should help some people. 

A better information on multiboxing check out the wide range of videos on YouTube just search for isboxer or pwnboxer to get started. 

Update: 09/17/2013
I got my team to level 10 so far, and I also made a guild called Evil Trolls mainly because they are all Trolls. I still have to setup healing and a key map to spread my team out. 

I made my druid the tank, shaman the healer, and my dps are a deamonlogy Warlock, a frost mage, and a beast master hunter. Mainly because of all the extra pets. 

My plan is to duel spec as soon as possible and go restro on the druid and elemental on the shaman. The way I see it with a tanking pet and void-walker I won't really need a full time tank. Normal instances and some heroics are really easy until you get to around level 85-90.

I've used Keyclone before but now I use Pwnboxer and ISBoxer along with a few addons and macros. Also to help with the gold and questing I use Zygor Guides and Tycoon.

Update: 11/01/13
Sorry for not having anything else to say on the subject of my new team, but there has been no changes to it so far. Been playing my 90s on Exodar and even got the horsemens mount and hollowed title this year. Was hoping that my wife would be able to get it but so far no luck. 

Funny thing is my wife and youngest son both got the mount from Houlon or how ever you spell it. I still need a few mounts to reach 150 sitting at 136 or so.

I've been unable to play for the past few days sense I've been back at work because we've been busy and by the time I get off watch I'm just too sleepy to play. 

However once the Hollowsend event is over I'm going to start playing my troll team again or my two 87 shamans on Exodar either way I plan to make a few videos of different high points now that I have paid for FRAPS and learned how to convert the video to make it smaller.

I still would like to learn more about video editing and how to have my webcam record me playing and giving commentary at the same time. Also time lapse would be a good idea, so I can cut out all the major boring stuff and turn a two hour video into a 10 minute video. 

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