Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feeling Better About Paying of Debt

So far I've paid off a $5000 loan,  paid my dad back $6000, paid off two other accounts, and got caught up on my utilities. 

At first I was a little sick at having to pay out so much money but once it was paid I felt so much better and I still have two more accounts to settle which I will handle when I get home. 

The bright side of it is that I'm not overdrawn or having to pay interest rates and I can start saving money for more important things like work on the house and braces for my youngest son, and if all goes well maybe another house.

Update: Well just as I thought I had everything paid off two more collection letters come in one for Dish Network for almost $300... funny thing is I have not had Dish Network in almost eight years... the other letter is for a couple hundred also but I have no idea what it's for there is nothing on it telling me whom they are collecting for going to have to call both of them and do some checking may be a scam of someone trying to collect on a debt that has already been taken care of years ago.

It's funny sometimes when these collection letters come in demanding me send them money that I don't really owe. Where they dig this stuff up I have no idea or maybe it's poor record keeping on their end. After looking back through my files for the past ten years I show a zero balance to Dish so WTF is up with the collection.

I feel that these leaches need to be strung up by their eye lids and have acid dripped in them slowly over the course of a couple weeks. I hate people making demands of me for things I don't owe, they need to just curl up somewhere and die.

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