Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Emulators and Roms

I love playing games of today but there is something about the old classics of the past that I love but like most thing it is hard to acquire a working system to play the loads of games that are collecting dust in my house and shed. But I do have a couple extra computers that are great for playing classic games using emulators and roms or disk images.

Granted it is not lawful to just download game after game unless you own the game already then you are allowed to download a copy, but who am I to say what games you own and what games you don't own. Anyway here's three sites where you can find easy to acquire emulators and roms without too many hoops to jump through.

  1. | very easy to use site I like them the most. Files appear to be clean but with anything you download a virus scan is always a good idea.
  2. | a little bit more than just emulators and roms like game music, scans of comics and game magazines.
  3. | not as cool as they used to be but still quite good, seems to lack any Nintendo roms now, they used to carry them. They download process takes a few clicks but not bad.
There are plenty of other sites but these are the ones that I happen to like the most... I hope that this very short post will help someone who stumbles across it.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Microsoft Surface 2

I got a Microsoft Surface 2 about a week ago and just have not enjoyed it the way I thought I should having paid over $500 for it. It all started with the very common no battery detected which after quite a few plugging and unplugging changed to plugged in not charging for a little bit.

I have never had this problem with an Android device or Apple I should have gotten the Samsung Tablet like I got for my wife. I thought being Windows that some programs would run or you could get most of the same apps and games that they have on Android.

Said to say you can't do any of the above thing because...
  • You can only install items gotten through the Windows Store.
  • What programs and games that are in the Windows Store charge you where they are free on other platforms.
  • It runs on the ARM chipset and will not run standard Windows programs.
I understand that this was done for security reasons, but really I think its Microsoft's way of controlling how we use our tablets. After all whats the point of having a tablet that only runs Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, damn near forces you to use the Metro Start Menu even if you prefer the desktop.

Before I put any apps or anything on my tablet I ran Windows Update which has ran 3 times sense then and now I am down to 10 gigs out of the 32 gigs that it was supposed to have. I mean really if I am running a stripped down version of Windows 8 the updates should be smaller and fewer. As far as security goes that's why I buy Antivirus and Anti-spyware software and to top it off its Wifi only so it's not like I have Internet access all the time.

I really think Microsoft should place a warning on the box with all the things that you want be able to do. I even tried the jailbreak for the Surface 2 but it did not work for me. I was hopping it would allow me to at-least run the portable apps from my 64 gig thumb-drive.

But it's not all bad once you get used to just the basics, after all Microsoft Office alone is a great office suite and does everything I could want, I can work on my blogs and websites post on social networks, edit pictures, and even work on learning programming, watch videos, and almost the same things I could be doing with an Android tablet.

I find it funny that I hardly have anything installed on my tablet and I'm down to 10 gigs when my wife has over 20 gigs free and has a ton of games and apps on her tablet she has an office app that can create, open, and edit Microsoft Office files and its free, graphics programs that are free, lots of games that are free that cost up to $3.99 in the Windows Store.

It would be so much better and more productive for me if I could get a working jailbreak and could use my portable apps even if I could not install any 3rd party apps. Also I have a 32 gig micro-sd card but not really using it, I wish I could use it as a catch all for Windows make it so that all my updates and system files are on it which would free up a good bit of space.

I have a 64 gig drive that I was planning on using was hopping that I could get the apps from the Windows store to Install onto the sd card but did not have any luck yet. There has to be some tweaks that will allow me to set where I want apps to be installed.

However if I can't find some way to make this tablet more suited for my needs I guess I will have to do a factory reset and sell it on ebay, and go out and get an Android tablet. For those people who are thinking about getting a Microsoft Surface 2 32 gig I suggest you rethink it unless your alright with very limited space, sheer lack of good apps and games, not that I play a lot of games I mainly play World of Warcraft and knew when I got the tablet that there was no chance of getting WoW running on the tablet due to the ram mainly.

Anyway if all you need is a few apps and a good office suite then I say go for it, it is a good feeling tablet that preforms nicely for everything that I have tried, not sure about the Surface Pro don't really want to drop that kind of money on a tablet unless someone wants to just toss large sums of cash my way lol... like that's going to happen.

Well looking at this it appears that the Surface Pro 2 should run desktop apps because it has an Intel processor but does not say for sure on the sales page... take a look...