Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Started a new travel business

I started a new business, a travel business visit http://www.tvtravel.com/ra9496

I'll also get a shorter domain name, something like www.travelseed.com or www.startraveler.com something easy like that.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


VeBeen leveling some of my older toons in World of Warcraft, some that I almost quit playing because they were a real pain to level until I figured out which quests I should do and which ones I should skip and to never play without rested xp.

The toons that I'm working on now are my warrior 59, warlock 64, Mage 66, rogue 48, and shaman 77! Then I'll work on my Druid 70, hunter 72, and priest 41... Which should wrap up all toons on Exodar plus I'm getting better gear for my 80 deathknight and 80 pally.

Oh boy 0400, half an hour to go before I get off of here!

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