Monday, July 28, 2008

Debt an American Way of Life

My fellow Americans! Is it just me or does the whole world seem to be a little distressed over the rising cost of fuel, food, and the general cost of living? Also the declining job market, low wage increases, companies leaving the good old USA in favor of countries where they can pay far ten to twenty people what they have to pay one of us Americans... plus they work harder and longer which increases productivity.

Now this is just my opinion and should not be in any way a view of reality, but companies like Fruit of the Loom that closes the doors of companies like Vanity Fair should have their products removed form every single shelf in every single store in America. Their company should be burned from the face of the Earth. After all their are other companies that make t-shirts and underwear.

The companies like this are one of the main causes for the lack of jobs and increase of debt in our country. If things don't get better soon some of our fellow people having a strong need to live may start taking things into their own hands by robbing, raping, killing, rioting, and all of the bad stuff that falls into those categories even more than they do now.

Then you have these software companies that charge your an arm and a leg for their games and systems and some even charge you monthly fees helping to take even more hard earned money form the mouths of our nations children.

Lets take a look at one of my favorite games World of WarCraft by Blizzard Entertainment! Now this is a company that charges you $19.95 to buy their game and then turn around and charge you $14.95 a month to play the bloody thing. Now here is the kicker... they have over 1,000,000,000 people playing this game but to make it a bit easier we will figure on just one million.

Say one million paid $19.95 for just World of WarCraft not counting The Burning Crusade... which would net Blizzard a few million because the stores have to get their cut. Forget about that let's take that same million and have them pay $14.95 a month and Blizzard makes a whopping $14,950,000.00 a month or a mind blowing $179,400,000.00 a year.

Now if they only charged $5 per month they would still make over five million dollars each and every month and that should be more than enough to run something that they already have setup and running. These greedy bastards have had more than their share and I'm adding to their riches at $179.40 a year for myself and double that because my wife has an account so I pay $358.80 a year!

That's more than my monthly rent, water, and trash all combined. They are not the only software company that is bleeding us dry look at Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo they all want way too much for their systems and too much for the games. The systems and the games should all cost half of what we are being charged.

Oil companies are dry fucking us until our asses bleed and we scream in pain! Sorry for such graphic use of terms but it is how I feel and thus needed for accurate depictions of how I see this matter! Companies like Shell, BP, Chevron, and others have made billions over the last few months, it's no telling how much these kind and generous people have made form squeezing every last cent from people around the world.

Oh, and if any company wants me to remove their name from this list I can be bought for a couple hundred thousand to a couple million... maybe! Just contact me I'll be happy to accept free products like games, systems, electronics, gas, cars, houses, boats, whatever. ;)

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