Monday, July 28, 2008

BlackBerry Curve

July 17, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I got a BlackBerry Curve and so far it has been a real good phone aside form not having a built in video camera and voice memo which would be really nice. So far I've had no use for the GPS or the satellite radio.

I use it mainly to check my email, check my stocks, make phone calls, keep notes, play a couple of games, listen to music, read e-books, and stuff like that. I would have more use for the video player if I could make my own videos of me and my wife... well it's the truth, the only other thing that I deem worth making videos of are my kids.

Once the new update to the OS comes out some time later this year it is supposed to have video and voice notations capabilities which will be great for perverts like myself. It could come in handy for web-casts and such, or news events like a wreck or shooting.

I only wish that they had more games available along with, the micro SD card slot was easier to get to like the BlackJack that my wife has... having to remove the battery to add or change SD cards really, really, really sucks.

For the price that AT&T charges for the bloody phone it should come with a two gig micro SD card, case with a belt clip, blue-tooth ear piece, and other little odds and ends at no extra cost. That would have been really nice to have had a packaged deal like that... they even forgot to ask if I have a corporate discount, which I do!

I really like being able to sync my BlackBerry calendar with my Google calendar, so I do not need to check my phone all of the time... plus it is a really easy way to share events and such with my wife and allows her to mark events on my Google calendar so when I sync with my BlackBerry my wife and I can keep up to date with events when I'm at work. Things like doctors appointments, the kids school events, movies we may want to watch, a birthday that I would otherwise forget, and other stuff like that.

The one thing that I want the most out of my little BlackBerry Curve is some software for my computer that would allow me to take a DVD movie and make it about 100 to 200 megabytes, make ring tones, make e-books, compile Java games, and so on. One program to do it all would be very nice, be a couple would do... so if some programmer that feels all gun-ho and should create such useful programs please by all means send me a copy of your finished work, I would be happy to like to any such programs from this little post.

So all in all I would have to give the BlackBerry Curve four out of five fingers put them wherever you like. Sorry... I've got a rather odd sense of humor, you'll have to excuse me! I have to get back to World of WarCraft.

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