Monday, July 28, 2008

World of WarCraft (Blood-elf Bandit Mask)

World of WarCraft is a great game, a little over priced to buy and a few dollars per month more than it should be... but a great game none the less! There are so many cool things in World of WarCraft and even more ways to make gold than you can shake a stick at. the Blood Elf Bandit Mask just happens to be one of those rare cool things that is totally useless bit looks cool, does not bind to your toon, and sells for huge amounts in the auction houses.

Farming The Blood Elf Bandit Mask can be done with both Alliance and Horde characters. It is really easy to do using the Draenei, I proffer Hunters because of the use of pets and ranged attacks make it easier to find the Blood Elf Bandit and kill him in hopes that he drops the Mask.

Just in case your not a big fan of the Draenei other races can get there with a lot of running, some fighting, a couple of boat rides, and a flight of two... maybe even some swimming and maybe even death for some. Why because the Blood Elf Bandit is in Azuremyst Isle and appears at random locations along the roads and sometimes in the woods just off the roads.

The Draenei start close to this area! Here is what I would do if I were going to farm this item... first I would create a human and level to about level six to ten, run down to Booty Bay a neutral town and find a spot by a mailbox.

Next I would create a Draenei Hunter and level to about fifteen to twenty so that you can have your pet and a few skills to make the task a bit easier. At level twenty you can get Aspect of the Cheetah that makes you move a bit faster, this would be a big plus. I should only take you about twenty-four hours of game play to reach level twenty if you do all the quests and kill everything that is in your range.

Once you find the Bandit and he starts dropping the masks try to get as many as you can, take breaks... farm for the mask for an hour or two then go work on your skinning, mining, herb gathering, cooking, first-aid, or whatever... or just have a little snack and a cold drink before going at it again.

I once farmed over twenty of these in six and a half hours with about a five to ten minute break each hour, I was a level 21 Draenei Hunter with a level 20 pet. I was able to tear through the bandit with ease without even getting hit sometimes. I was stupid and deleted the toon before I remembered that it was the one with all the masks... I selected it by mistake and even typed delete, this really happened at about four am after working on another toon most of the night and getting to level sixteen.

That morning sucked because when I got out of bed and took a shower I sat down, logged in, and looked for my toon. I was socked to see my level 21 hunter going, I was blown away be my lose of the twenty plus masks... I figured that I lost around  2000 gold or more.

Any way here is a link to a site where you can find more information on this item, like where to farm it, maps of the area, how to get there if your horde, and so on. It's all really simple and just takes time to farm... you do not have to have a high level toon but it sure speeds things up a bit.

Here are the sites to visit for more information on this item... Thottbot, The Best WoW Gold Guide. This should have you well on your way to making some serious gold or at the very least have some cool looking twinks, have the item enchanted to make it even cooler.


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