Monday, July 28, 2008

You Know You've Been Playing World of WarCraft Too Much When

Are you a die-hard World of WarCraft player? Do you sometimes see abbreviations for words in the media, road signs, bill boards, on other web sites, and automatically associate them with terms form World of WarCraft?

If your answer is yes to these simple questions then maybe, just maybe you play just a little bit two much World of WarCraft.

  1. D.O.T | Department of Transportation is easily mistaken for Damage Over Time, a popular effect in World of WarCraft.
  2. When you refer to people you don't like as MOB's.
  3. When you refer to your buddies as my hordies.
  4. When you go to the bank and try to deposit things other than money.
  5. You refer to your co-workers as NPC's.
  6. You refer to your vehicle as your mount.
  7. Chores around the house is thought of as grinding.
  8. You suddenly feel the urge to brake out into an 80's dance.
  9. You go into the grocery store looking for Savory Deviate Delight.
  10. You go into clubs and bars looking for fights.
  11. You go into the Airport and ask where the flight point is.
  12. When you write to people in real life you use abbreviations like... ppl, lol, rotflmao, nube, df, omg, tmi, mats, and the list just goes on and on.
  13. You look for reasons to miss school or work just to stay home and play the game.
  14. Your forty and over weight, don't take a bath but once a week, get off of your computer just to get something to eat (may come from the fridge below desk), use the toilet to take a dump, take shower Tuesdays, and pee in a jug.
  15. Have posters of the game all over your room.
  16. Have World of WarCraft plates, glasses, clocks, watches, tooth brushes, lunch boxes, sheets, action figures, books, and cards.
  17. When on a date you ask your date what WoW toon they are and if they answer the faction that you don't like you dump them.
  18. If you become a hunter in hopes of taming a wild beast such as a bear.
  19. You go into a shop and ask if they have any epic gear.
  20. You spend time thinking of ways to make more gold and forget to pay the power-bill.
  21. You make have thirty level 70 toons and pick on new guys.
  22. All you dream about is how sexy that Blood Elf was you saw a few hours earlier.
  23. You place an ad on a dating site looking for a SBEFM NS WLSAL... (Single Blood Elf Female Non-smoker, who likes sex a lot)! What else could it be... gee people.
  24. You go to the pawn shop to and ask to buy items like Lightbringer Faceguard.
  25. You buy every guide that comes out and refer to them daily.
  26. Your whole life revolves around the Game.
  27. You don't think $14 a month is too much to pay per month to play a game.
  28. The lack of a single player option does not phase you.
  29. You spend real cash to buy weapons, armor, and gold from others or pay others to power-level your toon.
  30. You only go out side when you have to go to Walmart to get another Game Card or the latest expansion out.
  31. You want to make war not love.
  32. You feel that your life is not complete unless your in the game.
  33. The only friends you have are the ones in your guild and you know them all on a first name basis.
  34. You never talk about anything unless you can make a refence to World of WarCraft... i.e. Jim tells you he got a promotion at the pace where you both work and you say that you got promoted three times last night refering to your guild rank.
  35. On reaching level 70 you jump for joy, do a back flip. and run around the house nacked.
  36. You want everyone you know to bare wittness to you soloing a five-man dungeon.
  37. Heving sex wastes your gaming time.
  38. Your kids have to fight to get you to play ball with them.
  39. Your wife/husband devorcies you because you rather spend time playing the game and you could care less.
  40. Your late for a ferual because you had to complete a few quests and hit the next level, then the next, and maybe start a few new quests.
  41. You dress as a Night Elf for your wedding.
  42. Your know all of your favorite classes skill by heart.
  43. You rather play World of WarCraft all day than anything else.
  44. You want the Wrath of the Linch King to be out now and would be willing to pay a lot extra just to get it.
  45. You hang out in message boards and chat rooms waiting for a chance to show off just how much you know about the game.
  46. It pisses you off when a newbie asks a question that everyone should know... even if you asked the same question when you started.
  47. You only have enough money in your account for a little food or Word of WarCraft and you opt for World of WarCraft.
  48. Hell has frozen over and you peel your butt lose from your chair to freshen up a little before you go at it again in a few hours.
  49. You name your real life kids and pets after your WoW toons.
  50. You don't want to hear that your time could be better spent doing something constructive.

Well that's enough for now, I have some more but they tend to get some what dirtier as I go on. So I've optted for the cleaner shorter aproach, it still covers a broad range of things and many of them are true and that's the sad part... funny but sad none the less.

So that's all for now please check back often for more insite into the zanny World of WarCraft mind of this blogger. I also cover many other topics like Guild Wars, Diablo II, Web-design, Making Money, Sex, Business, Movies, Music, Books, Software, eBooks, Life, and much more.