Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer Cleaning Fun

July 18, 2008

 Yeah it Summer and time for fun in the sun, but sometimes we get a we get a little lazy, a little wrapped-up in fun, a little to busy to clean out all the old junk at we collect and just lay down with every intention on moving but somehow months later it's still right where we put it down... but now it's been joined by a few friends.

You know the friends that I'm talking about... dust-bunnies, cob-webs, and other little surprises that magically appear out of thin air. No-one ever knows where this stuff comes from, but never-the-less they get there and they need to be removed.

Cleaning during the Summer in just a part of our everyday life and if you do a little each and every day you will have a less stuff to do in the long-run. I rather make a to-do list of all the tasks that need to be done and set a time frame for each task. I try to leave about an extra half an hour to complete each task just in case I need a little extra time to finish a task before I start a new one.

This is just basic cleaning, not organizing, and decorating. It does not take much time, energy, or money to get the job done. A rag, a trash bag, some glass cleaner and Pledge is all that's really needed. Just take a couple of minutes twice a week to wipe the dust off your things, clean the computer and TV screens, throw away junk mail, trash, and other items that have been left lying around the house.

It may only take you three to ten minutes to get everything done unless your a little behind and then it could take a few hours to a few days to get everything back in order. Remember to do a little here and there, but whatever you do be sure to finish what you started before you move on to the next task.

Cleaning is a part of everyday life, I'm not the cleanest person just ask my wife! When I start cleaning I get the job done fast and done right so I can go about my business. I know what needs to be done, I make a plan of how and in what order I'm going to do it and I get it done. It's a real pain sometimes but I know that if it's not done that roaches and other pests are going to have a field-day.

You can make a kind of game out of your cleaning... like say you have ten tasks to do and you set yourself a time limit to do each task, you can award yourself a set number of points, you can even give yourself bonus points if you finish a task sooner than expected. Another thing is set it up where you and your partner if your married rewards each other with sexual delights for each task that is completed with a finishing act when all the tasks are done.

Well that's all for now, I'll have more short and to the point articles to come later this month, but not much later as this month is almost over. I should have had more articles done by now, what happened... damn World of WarCraft!

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