Saturday, May 1, 2010

Loosing Sleep

We are Southbound on the Mississippi River it's a little after 7 and I'm having a hard time going to sleep!

You see I'm on a boat headed to Harahan to be tied-up and we should have been there around 7 am but we had delay in Armant fleet so now when we get there in about an hour or so I'll have been up for 21 hours.

I have to get on another boat when we get there so the sooner the better because it'll take me about an hour to change boats, another hour or two to get to sleep if there is clean linen and no delay providing I can even go to sleep after being on the back watch!

Anyway I have to be up a 5 am or before so I can eat and get on a tug to learn to work the fleet for 12 hours a day for no telling how many days. Well it won't be real long because I'm due off on the 17th unless I get lucky and they let me work until the 20th or so because I need the extra days!

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