Tuesday, July 29, 2014

General Update

You would think that with forty-two days at home that I would have gotten more done on my websites, blogs, on the house, or in the shop.

Now that I'm back at work for thirty to forty days I feel that I should have done more than I did but with my mother did pass away on June 25th which accounted for some of my lack of motivation.

But now I think that I can get off my lazy ass and get somethings done provided I have the money to get the jobs done. However some of the things only cost me a little time.

Like this blog and a couple of books that I started to write a while back, I think that after reading over them that I can make some decent changes to them.

With a little luck I should be done with one before I go home then I may try something different, I would like to attempt to write a collaborative effort online a story that can evolve depending on how much each person adds to the mix, people would be allowed to change of correct other people's work but the original parts would be saved and used as alternative plots if it's a good sized change.

Sounds like a headache waiting to happen, but sounds fun and exciting at the same time provide the people act like adults and not children which is asking a lot of some people but it would be great.

Such a work with many authors would not make anyone wealthy mainly because I would have to pay each authors a fee for their work if sales are good. However if the story is great then it could become a movie and that means more money for everyone involved in the project.

But as far titles go for such a project I have no idea what to call it... well that's not quite true I do have a few ideas for names but am open for suggestions and the idea is to write a fantasy novel of several of them depending on how long it turns out.

However it could be an action book, horror,  si-fi, or a combination of them all. Now that would be a very odd mixture a si-fi - action - horror - fantasy.

Any ideas please share in the comments...


I only rode two weeks, we had another death in the family. That makes three this year my uncle James, my mother, and my uncle Fred. Sometimes life just sucks but you still have to keep your chin up and move on because there is so much to live for especially if you are married, have children, pets, or some good friends.

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