Friday, July 4, 2014


I know Hootsuite is nothing new it's been around for a few years now but I just started using it again and after playing around with the free trial I am now paying for it. Why? Well because I happen to like being able to work on my blogs and social networks from one place. How ever there are just a couple of things that would make it better for me and they are as follows...

1. I know about the mobile apps and the browser plugins but a stand alone program from windows, mac, and Linux, would be great. One that can allow you to draft posts off-line and post them later would be outstanding.

2. Easy setup for more social networks so you can get what you have to say out to more people would be nice.

I currently am a member of 20+ social networks, but I am only active in two Twitter and Facebook, if there was some way to connect them all I would be very happy about it and a lot more active. Anyway check it out for yourself and get started with a 30-day free trial of Hootsuite,,, Just go to and no it's not an affiliate link yet.

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