Friday, October 10, 2014

Made It Home Again

I finely made it home after being gone for six weeks. I got off the boat Thursday October the 9th over in Freeport Texas.

All in all it was a nice trip just kind of windy at times. I went from one boat for three weeks to another for a week and then another for two weeks.

The only thing that is a pain in the butt is that I did not have but about $50 cash which went quite fast because I got a burger, fries and a drink at the airport in Houston so that was $20 gone, then another drink and a pack of gum so another $5 gone leaving me with $25 cash.

This really did not matter because I checked my credit card and debit card the day before I got off the boat and I had $220 on one and $235 on the other or so I thought.

Well it appears that there were some changes that I did not make show up on my credit card so that money was going, found that out when I went to get gas for my truck.

But I still had my debit card with $235 on it so I topped off my truck with $50 in gas and hit the road. I stopped at another gas station after being stuck in traffic for close to two hours.

I got me another drink, a powerball ticket and a mega millions ticket which I paid cash for so that was another $5 gone. I get to Mississippi and my wife wanted me to drop by Walmart and pick up a movie and a couple of household items OK no biggie.

Well I get to Walmart in Saraland Alabama and I get the items and her movie, I also get Godzilla for me. I get to the check out and everything turned out to be $63 and some change.

Knowing that I still had over $100 on my debit card I swipe it, denied. WTF!!! I do it 3 more times so I remove my Godzilla movie and used my $20 cash which knocked it down to $26 and some change.

So I swipe my card again and I am denied again then I got an email alert so I called the number and as I was going thru the automatized bullshit I get three text alerts and a call started to come in just as I finish the call I was on.

It was the same thing an automated faurd system. At this point I was more than a little pissed off and embarrassed because I was holding up the line and I hardly ever need to put anything back.

Anyway it turns out that I did have the money and after a few minutes I paid for the items minus my movie and left. Today I have to check to see that I did not get over charged and to see what happened to my credit card.

Because if it has been hacked or something then I need to stop the $400 payment and attempt to recover my money and get a new card.

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