Thursday, September 22, 2016

Life Just Keeps Getting Worse

 Recently my wife and I separated (which is completely MY fault) and I moved in with my dad which I hope is not for very long, while I have my own room, king sized bed, and Internet access it just does not feel like home to me. To make matters worse I still haven't found a job and my unemployment is about to run out next week the last payment will only be $125.00 oh joy.

 My efforts to make money on eBay are not going very well either, I don't have much to sell but may send in my comics and let them sell them for me, but I noticed that they have a two week backlog. Anyway I am going to keep trying for jobs and keep working on a book I'm attempting to write, along will gathering up a little scrap here and there to sell. However if I am still unemployed by October 4th I will be going to the Job Fair at Bishop Collage in Mobile because I have a background in the Maritime industry.

 I'm also about to launch an affiliate marketing campaign that I hope will make me some money, but there are not a whole lot of products that I would feel good about promoting, unless I would be willing to use them myself or have used them before. So maybe I won't make thousands a week, but I really wouldn't mind a couple hundred. My goal is to earn about $600-$700 a day but that is through a whole host of things.

 I will be redoing my website to make it more user friendly in hopes that I can earn a few hundred a week from it, and maybe a hundred or two a month from this blog which would be awesome plus a little on the side from eBay and odd jobs.

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