Thursday, September 29, 2016

Comic Book Collection

Omg, my post didn't save! I was 700 words in when I hit the wrong button when my phone slipped.

Anyway here is the shot, short version of how I was getting screwed when I went to sell my comics today.

Well I drive an hour and a half to this shop, which seemed like nice people just to lazy and busy to do the research on all the 250 comics I had.

One guy didn't even stop playing a video game, the one assisting me was busy with other issues like the credit card processor was not working and they had printer issues. So basically he only looked up the top ten comics which were not worth much, enough that they would only make a dollar profit, and a couple that were worth  $4.

He stopped looking them up and tried offering me $0.10 each. That made my rear hurt and kind of pissed me off a bit. However I can understand not wanting to look up to value of all 250+ comics that was after all my problem with the whole thing, that and the scanning, researching, listing, and shipping thing.

I would have liked to get  $1.75 each which would still be a good loss for me, but hey I need the money, going through a divorce so I need as much money as I can get.

I would have liked to have gotten  $500. I'm sure that if you knew the right person, they would pay more just to have some of these, but finding the right person is a lot of work and time that I don't have.

So I will split the lot of comics up by publisher and sell them on Craigslist and Facebook groups, I may make a little bit more that way and incur less fees. I will have to meet the buyers at a public place because sometimes it's not safe to have people you don't know come to your house or you over to their's.

Anyway I will get to work cataloging the whole collection, maybe I will get lucky enough a have a few that would be worth a few thousand and find an honest buyer, that won't royally screw me.

I don't mind taking less than something is worth but getting pennies on the dollar is just plain stupid. I figure if I sell these I could meet the buyer at the Walmart in Saraland, Jackson, or Thomasville Alabama. Maybe even a gas station or fast food restaurant in between.

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