Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Unemployment Sucks

 I've been unemployed now since February 2016 after having worked for American Commercial Barge Lines for twenty years, I've been drawing unemployment since March having not found a job yet and blown through my 401k like it was nothing.

 I earn a little extra money on eBay but even that was not enough to keep me from loosing my house even with my dad giving me a few hundred dollars a week and helping pay some of our bills.
I don't know what I am doing wrong I can print t-shirts, paint, haul scrap, but nothing is panning out. I have a US Coast Guard license 200 ton Master of Towing but even that is worthless right now.
I have already tried my hand at making money online with affiliate marketing and social networking but seemed to have missed my mark in those areas as well. I am sorry if this sounds like a sob story, it's not. It's only a quick update on my current situation.

 Could I use a job, yes, could I look harder,  yes I could. Apparently submitting your application to three or for employers a week is not enough. I have not gotten any calls for interviews.
Could I make more money online? Yeah I think I could, I just need to figure out how. It doesn't have to be thousands of dollars a month a few extra hundred would be great.

 Would I accept help? At this point in my life I have to put pride aside and say yes I would accept any help from God or his angels on earth. Hint, hint just send me money to my PayPal account at ratchison2000ATyahoo.com AT is @.

 Also and hints and tips to help me find the right path to supporting my family again would be great also, the same email address would be fine or use my Gmail address which is the same thing but with Gmail at the end.

 I can't afford Internet, power, water, satellite TV, auto repairs, or much of anything else right now I owe money to way too many businesses and it is only getting higher and higher.
Wish me luck on this leg of my life, one good thing that has happened is my wife got a job training to be an insurance sales associate, but she has to stay gone Monday to Friday and then gets to come home for the weekend. Until her training is complete and they may move her close to where we are living.

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