Friday, March 4, 2016


Do any of the thousands of ways to make money online really work? Well that is a good question and one that I have been searching for an answer too for a very long time, but I have yet to find a way to make enough money to totally replace the income I had from my job where I was making over $120K per year plus some on the side for little projects.

However now that I've taken a little time off from the rat race I find myself wanting to find new and old ways that I can use to make money online and even off-line. I've had some luck with eBay and have listed a few books on Amazon but at the time of this posting nothing has sold yet... I'm wanting to get into Amazon FBA but I would like to have some success at selling on my own before jumping in with both feet.

Also I have made some money from Clickbank and other affiliate networks but not enough to brag about, either I promote the wrong things or I'm going about it in the wrong way. So now here I am looking for something that works. I've tried survey sites like Swagbucks and such but it takes soo long for me to earn enough money to be able to cash out or even have enough to be worth cashing out.

I can see the value in it if you have all day to spend on these sites but I don't have that kind of time. My time would be better spent finding ways to make money. I also toss an affiliate offer into my blog posts most of the time if it fits into what I'm writing about, most of the affiliate I've tried myself and some I have on my list of things to try.

I would hate to promote something that I would have no interest in using or is a total scam, anyway back to my ramblings. I do think that if done correctly that you could earn a great deal using affiliate networks, writing your own eBooks which is something I am working on, creating apps for iPhones and Android which is something I am thinking about I am in the jotting down ideas phase.

Also some other good ways to make money is online auctions like eBay but not just eBay also Facebook is good I've made a few bucks from selling stuff through Facebook and don't forget the apps like Letgo, Craig's List is also a good place to make some money but be careful when dealing with people you don't know, like never go to buy something with more money than you agreed on.

I also like going to flea markets and thrift shops to find good deals and items that are worth more then they are being sold for. Like retro games if they work and I can get them cheap without cutting into any chance for a profit to be made then I will happily buy them, and I never pay for what they are selling for online that would be stupid unless I had a private buyer that deals with me and doesn't worry about online prices.

As much as I write about random stuff I've been thinking about writing a few dozen articles and then submit them to some article directories so that I can get paid the more people that use my articles. Same thing with some photos, I have a Sony a58 camera that takes good pictures but I am waiting on a lens adaptor so that I can use a lens that I got from eBay that while it said it worked with my camera it sadly does not, not without an adaptor anyway.

I've been researching niche sites but that can be a lot of work to build each site, get domain names for each one and find the right affiliates for them. Then the fun comes in where you link them all together and list them in the search engines along with all the SEO work that I would have to do plus building the sites and uploading them, getting traffic, capturing email addresses for private marketing use, and making sure to do follow up emails and offer them deals on related products would make this like a job to get everything running on its own.

However once the niche sites were up and running and traffic flowing into them with just ten sites you could make an easy $100 a day if each site could bring in $10. Now that's not going to happen but it would be nice, some sites may bring in more than others but any extra money is better than no extra money.

I will update this post from time to time with anything that works for me, right now scrap iron prices are down so it's not really worth me hauling any off, but while prices are down I could go around with about $500 and buy some scrap for a really low rate from people whom just want to get rid of it I would then keep it stocked up and put away so that I can sell it all when the prices come back up.

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