Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Avoid Loans from RISE

Rise is nothing but a big scam, sure your payment may get reduced from time to time but your balance goes up. For a $2000 loan that I have been paying on for over two years twice a month my balance is now $2176 my last payment of $177.96 only applied $10 to the balance the rest was interest.

This company is a bunch of crooks, they're operating just like the only other loan company that I had a hard time paying off Cash Call.

I still have 20 more payments to make which works out to be over $3000 which means that $2000 will cost me over $7000 to pay off.

I don't with ill will on anyone but I really want these crooked trash to be found guilty of some criminal charges and have to do some prison time.. 60 years should do.

Why! Because they are not helping people, they are hurting them in the long run. They lie on their commercial and website.

I only wanted a loan of $1000 but they would not give me less than $2000, they tried to stick me with a $5000 loan thank God I did not take it not only would the payment be over $550 a month but in the end it would have cost me around $13,000.

Do what you want but I suggest if you need money go to a bank or local loan company and don't borrow more than you need or can afford to pay back.

On top of this they are trying to offer me another loan that would pay off the current loan and give me $247 on top of what I would owe. Now to me even with a lower interest rate I would end up owing more than I owe now.

Wow I just paid them $1000 and still owe them over $1000 it's a scam for sure. Unlike most other loans that go down as you make payments this one does not.

If I wait until the end of the month to make another payment I will owe them over $100 more dollars just in interest.

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